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Amazing! I don't feel that pinched nerve feeling at all. I'm truly impressed! That's twice I've come to you with specific problem areas, and I've left not feeling them at all. Thank you!




B has an uncanny, innate ability to find the places that are tight, painful, or dissociated. Her hands have their own remarkably accurate radar. Many times I’ve left B’s massage table feeling like I’d just experienced the richness and genius of a Beethoven theme and variations, only in touch, rather than  in sound. 


I love how B’s competent and artistic touch combines with expertise in many different techniques. It’s more than pleasure, more than body manipulation, and more than trouble-shooting. After each session I feel both a physical and emotional shift. The attunement it provides keeps me coming back. I’ve never been disappointed.




I lived with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain for years. It was: take pills or live with it. I chose not to take pills. There had to be another way.  My neighbor told me about a massage therapist she goes to --

B. Docktor in Ancram. It was the best appointment I ever made. I've been going to her for years. I can breathe again. My neck, shoulder and back pains are very little. I'm becoming human again. I can do gardening, hiking, swimming--in moderation--but I can DO them! I'm living proof that massage therapy works. She has helped me--a person with MFS, FMS, bi-polar, depression, partial paralysis, scoliosis, and sciatica--to live my life to the best of my ability.




I feel a lot of pain due to my severe hip arthritis. After B's massage I can stand up straight and walk without any pain. I walk out refreshed and ready to tackle the world again! 
That’s results! 


NYC & Ancram


I seek massage therapy because of back and neck pain and arthritis in my feet.  I find that massage makes my pain manageable without medications other than an occasional dose of Ibuprofen.  I also find massage to be an excellent stress reliever.

I am most impressed by the way you are always able to find the spots where I am hurting even before I am aware of them. Over my lifetime, I have been to about 5 massage therapists and there are vast differences in the skill level and the therapeutic benefits derived from the therapy. You are the best therapist in my book and you are always looking for new ways to make things better. Thank you. I really appreciate your healing skills and your dedication to my health.




When I come for massage I usually am having many aches and pains and when I leave I feel most of the aches and pains are no longer there. B is able to pinpoint the areas where I have tightness and work them to get rid of the tightness and also the pain. Massage has made it easier for me to function better in my day to day life.




One more time, thank you so very much. What you give to those lucky enough to be your clients is nothing that money can buy. You know, once you have experienced the best no other will do.


Sharon, CT


My hip and butt haven't hurt at all since last week, and that’s been bothering me for 8 years. My head usually feels like I have a sack of potatoes pressing down on it. I can't remember the last time I felt so good. No one else ever worked on the front of my neck!




As the pain goes away, I realize I’m just exhausted from five years of not sleeping. I slept for six hours last night, and I haven't done that in about five years. Whatever we're doing is working! I haven't felt this well in years.









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AMTA member and Nationally Certified


B. (Barbara) DOCKTOR




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